Insulated Wire Supplier & Distributor of Wire Spools

Arcor is proud to be a reliable supplier of insulated wire for automotive, marine, and other uses. Electrical wire is typically covered with insulating materials to aid in conductivity.  We are proud to be a supplier of insulated wire and electrical wiring for a number of different applications, including automotive use, marine use, and much more.

Types of Insulated Wire

Depending on your intended use, you’ll have a choice between several types of insulated wire. At Arcor Electronics, we are happy to offer our clients a large inventory of insulated wire such as:

  • UL CSA lead wire
  • Thermocouple wire
  • Silicone rubber wire
  • Mil-Spec wire
  • High voltage wire
  • Appliance motor lead wire

Industrial electric wire and cable can be used in high voltage and high temperature applications, and some products are better suited for certain uses than others—for instance, silicone rubber wire is exceptionally resistant to heat, moisture, and chemicals.

Materials Available

Tinned copper is a common material used for insulated wire, but there are a few other materials used to make it as well. Other options for insulated wire may include:

  • Nickel plated copper
  • Silver plated copper
  • Pure nickel

Contact Arcor Electronics for more information about insulated wire or to place an order.