Marine Wire

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Marine wire needs to be able to stand up to its environment. At Arcor Electronics, we are proud to sell several different types of marine wire, which is made of tinned copper. Tinned copper is resistant to the corrosion associated with water environments, so it is an ideal solution for marine wire needs.

At Arcor, we offer a variety of marine wire, including GXL, TXL, SXL, HDT, TWP, GPT, and more. These are available in a number of different gauges and colors, and having several to choose from makes your decision easier. For more information or to learn more about the types of marine wire we sell, contact Arcor today.

Some of our marine wire products include:

Style GPT SAE J-1128
GPT is a general-purpose wire used for marine circuit needs.
Temperature range: -40 °C to +105 °C
Available in gauges 8-22, and in 14 solid colors and stripes
Meets: Ford ESP MIL 56A, ESF-MIL 58A, Chrysler MS-3450

Style TWP SAE J-1128-40
This type of wire is used for general-purpose circuit wiring in marine environments.
This product has smaller diameters than GPT wire, making it suitable for wiring in tight spaces.
Useful for a temperature range of -40 °C to +90 °C
Available sizes: 10g-22g
Available in 14 solid colors & stripes.
Meets: Ford ESP MIL 120A, ESF-MIL 58A, Chrysler MS-7889

Style HDT SAE J-1128
A general-purpose circuit wire for marine applications. With a heavier wall thickness than GPT, it is suitable for conditions where more physical protection is needed. 
Temperature range -40 °C to + 90 °C
Gauge availability: 10 through 20
Comes in 14 solid colors and stripes
Meets Ford ESP MIL 50A & Chrysler MS-3494

Style SXL SAE J-1128
SXL wire is used for marine applications where higher heat resistance is necessary.
Temperature range -40 °C to +125 °C
Gauge availability: 8 through 22
Offered in 14 solid colors and stripes
Meets: Ford ESP MIL 85A, & Chrysler MS-5919

Style GXL SAE J-1128
GXL wire is a general purpose marine wire for circuit wiring, used in environments that require higher heat resistance and smaller diameters.
Temperature range: -40 °C to +125 °C
Offered in 8-20 gauge
14 solid colors and stripes available
Meets Ford ESP MIL 85b and Chrysler MS-8900

Style TXL SAE J-1128
TXL is a general purpose wire for marine circuit wiring in areas that need higher heat resistance, smaller diameters & lighter weight.
Temperature range: -40 °C to +125 °C
Sizes available: 10g thru 22g
Offered in 14 solid colors and stripes
Meets Ford ESP MIL 123A and Chrysler MS-8288 specifications