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Uninsulated wire is used for a number of different applications, including places where electrical wiring, armature wire, and magnet wire are needed. Uninsulated wiring is different from insulated wire in that it is not plated or coated with anything.

Various Alloys and Options

In addition to being inexpensive, non insulated wire, is highly conductive, making it an ideal choice for electrical wiring. At Arcor, we are happy to offer a variety of different types of non-insulated wire. Our wiring is available in aluminum, copper, nickel chromium, and brass, available  in coils, stem packs, reels, spools, and more.

Whether you need the uninsulated wire for electrical work or another use, we’ll be able to provide for you the product that will work best for what you’re doing. We offer a variety of electrical wire types and sizes, and we’re happy to try and fulfill custom orders or hard to find item requests.

Contact Arcor for All of Your Wire Needs

At Arcor, we offer various types of wire packaging options. If you need something that’s hard to find or made of a different material, we’ll be glad to work with you to find something that will suit your needs. Contact us today for more information about the packaging, alloys, and shapes available.