Aluminum Wire

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Arcor Electronics is the premier place to purchase aluminum wire for your electronic and building needs. With a higher conductivity per weight ratio than copper wire, aluminum wire has been used in housing, powergrids, craft projects and even in aircrafts. As a light weight and flexible wire, aluminum wire is a great choice for many applications that need a lot of inexpensive but highly conductive wiring and is useful for transmitting information, electricity and heat.

Aluminum Wire Options

Packaging: Select from various aluminum wire packaging options, including: Coils, spools, reels, stem packs, length

Alloys: We always stock 1100-0 in house so it’s ready for your needs. However, if you need a different alloy or temper, we can make to order over 30 different alloys and tempers to meet your project needs.

Wire Shapes: Arcor also specializes in hexagonal, square or specialty shaped rod. We can form the aluminum wire in the shape to suit the need of your project.

Stocked Sizes (Alloy 1100)
AWG Feet/Pound
22 1738
20 1056
18 676
16 433
14 277
12 125
9 84
8 OR 1/8″ 72
6 42
3/16″ 31
4 26
1/4″ 17
3/8″ 8

Various Uses of Aluminum Wire

Aluminum wire has found use in communications, networking, medical science fields and even in arts and crafts for its inexpensive, flexibleand highly conductive properties.
Ethernet connections such as those found between LANs and WANs make use of aluminum wire to transmit information between computers. So whether it’s a retractable Ethernet cord you use while traveling, or even the coaxial connections hooked into the back of your cable modem, aluminum wire is the main component of many of the data transfer cables you make use of daily!

Many coils, power cables and antennas used in the communications industry make use of aluminum wire as well. By mixing aluminum and copper, the resultant alloy is a cheap but even better conductor that makes up most of the specialty wire and cable used in the communications field. Plain aluminum wire is also the primary wire used by public and commercial broadcasting companies, and is an effective wire to use for private and emergency networks.

Even the medical field makes use of the flexible and conductive nature of aluminum wire as many of the machines used in ultrasonography rely on this specialty wire and cable to transfer information and electricity throughout the machine.

Aluminum wire also finds uses in arts and crafts where it is known as armature wire. As a cheap and flexible wire, armature wire is an affomer clay creations.

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