Braided Wire

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Braided wire is a useful structure for many different applications. Almost every alloy you can think of can be made into a braided wire. Steel braid, copper braided wire, tinned braided wire and more can all be crafted to suit your project. Braided wire is renowned for both its flexibility and strength as well as being able to be rolled flat or made in tubular form. Flat braids are great as flexible connections, electrical leads or used as grounding straps. Tubular braids are generally used as shielding to protect other wires and cables.

Braided Wire Options

Packaging: Get the amount you need with our various braided wire packaging options, including: Coils, spools, reels, stem packs, length

Alloys: Braided wire can be made in any number of alloy and gauge. Arcor Electronics can make braids fabricated from bare copper, tinned copper, nickel plated copper, silver plated copper, stainless steel, nickel wire and other materials.

Braid Shapes and Sizes: We offer braided wire in any alloy and size in both tubular form as well as rolled flat. We are always willing and able to find a solution for your project needs.

Various Uses of Braided Wire

Braided wire is often the most visibly seen, but unassuming of wires. For its strength and flexibility it is often used for shielding but can occasionally find use as a flexible electrical connection. The high resistance to breaking and vibration also makes braids such as the steel braid a popular protection option for hoses in automotive use.

Copper braided wire often finds use as a flexible connection between larger components. Due to the fact braided wire is made up of many different smaller strands, it is much more resistant to the wear and tear that would be suffered from larger cables and wires put under continuous motion and vibration.

However, many cables make use of braided wire to create a tubular sheath to protect an insulated conductive core against damage and electromagnetic influence. As the braid is grounded, the central conductive wire can run the signal safely inside the cable. The braid will act as both a physical ward against any damage, and as a shield against external electromagnetic influence. In fact, coaxial cables are popular for making use of this property.

Contact Arcor for Braided Wire

With many alloys and gauges available, we make it easy to get the braided wire that you want. Special sizes and put ups are always available on request and we are willing and able to find a solution for your project.

To ask about pricing and the specific need of your project, you can contact Arcor or get in touch with us by phone at (847) 588-0088.