Hard to Find Wire


When you need wire that’s hard to find, you can count on Arcor Electronics to stock exactly what you’re looking for.  Whether it’s pure platinum wiring, oxygen-free copper, or virtually anything else you’re looking for, we’re happy to help you find what you need.

From woven copper braid to hard to find craft wire, Arcor Electronics is dedicated to providing an expansive selection of wire for a plethora of uses.

Different Materials

Our selection of hard-to-find wires includes many different metals and alloys, perfect for a lot of different applications. If we don’t immediately have what you need, we can find a way to get it. If you’ve been having trouble finding a specific type of wire for your needs, contact us today and we’ll help you.

Many Sizes

We also stock a multitude of sizes of different wiring, from small to big. If you aren’t sure what type of wire you need, we can help your figure out what will be the most suitable for your project.

Plenty of Versatility

At Arcor Electronics, we want to ensure our customers can find what they need, and that includes hard to find wire for nearly any use. When you need wire that isn’t sold at your local hardware store and you need help finding the perfect product, contact us. We’ll advise you on what type of wire you will need for your project.