Specialty Wire

Specialty wire is typically harder to find than more commonly used wire, and for that reason, we at Arcor Electronics are dedicated to helping you find exactly what you need for any job you’re doing. We offer a range of different metals and alloys, as well as plenty of shapes and sizes, perfect for no matter what you are using the wire for.

Different Alloys & Tempers

At Arcor Electronics, we always stock 1100-0 in house so it is ready to go when you need it. However, if you need another alloy or temper, we can custom make more than 30 different alloys and tempers. No matter what you need the wiring for, our team can create the perfect product for you. From pure platinum wire to hard-to find craft wire, oxygen free copper wiring to woven copper braid, and anything else you may need, we are your trusted supplier of all things wire.

Wire Shapes & Sizes

We are also proud to offer a number of different shapes of wire. We specialize in hexagonal, square, and other specialty shaped rod—we can form the wire in the shape you need to complete your work.

Perfect for a Variety of Uses

We are a supplier of all types of wire, including communications wires, arts and crafts wires, networking wires, and so much more. Many alloy wires feature different metals that are suited to different jobs, including conductivity, crafting, and so much more.

Contact Arcor Electronics today for help finding the perfect wire for your needs.