Armature Wire


Armature wire has been used for many years as the framework or ‘skeleton’ of sculptures. While most often a stiff aluminum wire, armature wire can also be made from many different materials such as bare copper wire or even stainless steel craft wire. These frameworks help to hold up the medium while providing structure and stability for the artist to layer their medium over. Armature wire made from bare copper wire or aluminum wire is also a popular armature choice used in stop-motion animation for its strength and flexibility.

Armature Wire Options

Packaging: Get the amount you need with our various armature wire packaging options, including: Coils, spools, reels, stem packs, length

Alloys: We carry many different varieties of armature wire available for your needs. Whether you require a stainless steel craft wire for outdoor wire sculpture or a sturdy aluminum wire for clay sculpture, we carry many different alloys and gauges.

Wire Shapes: At Arcor Electronics, we specialize in creating the wire shape you need for your project. If you require different shaped wire, such as a flat braided copper wire, for a different aesthetic or property we can make to order whatever you need.

Various Uses of Armature Wire

Most armature wire used with sculptures is made from aluminum wire for its durable but lightweight structure as well as the fact it does not corrode or stain hands like bare copper wire or other alloys. However copper is also a useful alloy for armature wire for its increased flexibility, while stainless steel is an excellent choice for look and durability against the elements.

Armature wire can be used in many different forms of art and for crafting purposes. In almost every sculpture, a heavy wire framework is used to make it easy to hold up and sculpt the material around it. Plastic materials such as clay or wax are often built up around heavy aluminum wire which is sturdy and holds its shape well while still being fairly easy to twist and bend into shape.

Due to the structure and support armature wire offers, this makes it a necessary component for many Claymation and stop-animation sculptures. Because of the wire’s ability to hold shape and form while still being pliable it makes it easy to reposition your sculpture many times.

Popular sizes: 1/16", 1/8", 3/16" 1/4", and 3/8" as well as 4awg,6awg,9awg,11.5awg,and 14 awg

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At Arcor Electronics we specialize in crafting the armature wire needed for your sculpture and craft needs.

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