Magnet Wire

Need magnet wire for your next big project? Arcor Electronics has the largest selection of magnet wire on the web! Also known as winding wire, it is made from either aluminum wire or copper wire coated with a thin layer of insulation. While most obviously used in the creation of electromagnets, magnet wire is also a component for speakers, inductors and motors. Frequently made from electrolytically refined copper wire, copper magnet wire is also a big part of improving energy efficiency in electric motors and other equipment.

MAGNET WIRE SupplierMagnet Wire Options

Packaging:  Select from various magnet wire packaging options, including:  Coils, spools, reels, stem packs, length

Alloys: We carry magnet wire in both copper wire varieties as well as aluminum wire varieties.

Wire Shapes:  At Arcor Electronics, we specialize in creating the magnet wire shape you need for your project. We supply the standard round shape as well as rounded square and rounded rectangular magnet wire.

Various Uses of Magnet Wire

Due to the electromagnetic field created by magnet wire when it is wound into a coil and energized, magnet wire finds great uses in many different fields and products. It is also a key component to three of the most important areas of energy transformation: electrical to electrical such as in transformers, electrical to mechanical like in many household appliances, and mechanical to electrical like in generators.

As its most obvious use, magnet wire is used in the creation of electromagnets where it’s creation of electromagnetic fields can be turned on and off to pick up and move heavy metal objects. But this same concept of wire wrapping to create strong electromagnetic fields is applied to many other products and designs. Magnet wire is also used in its copper wire form and sometimes in aluminum wire form to create the electromagnet needed for speakers.

Magnet wire is also useful for generating and storing electricity. Through the use of a magnetic field, inductors can store created energy, a valuable component for analog circuits and signal processing.

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